Isawa Ojo

Phoenix Earth Shugenja

Air:   2                                   Honor:  4.5
Earth: 3    (Stamina 4)                    Status: 1.0
Fire:  3                                   Glory:  1.0
Water: 2                                   Shadow: 0.0
Void:  2                                   Insight:  1 (127)

School/Rank: Isawa Shugenja (Earth Affinity)

Skills: Calligraphy (Cipher) 1, Lore: Theology 1, Medicine 1, Meditation 1, Spellcraft 1, Lore: Earth 1, Etiquette 1

Adv.: Blood of Osano-Wo, Friend of the Elements: Earth, Elemental Blessing: Earth, Crafty, Lucky (X2)

Disadv.: Fascination: Shadowlands, Driven.

Spells: Sense, Commune, Summon
Earth: Jurojin’s Balm, Minor Binding, Earth’s Stagnation,
Fire: Envious Flames, Fury of Osano-Wo
Water: Clarity of Purpose
Air: Way of Deception

Notes: Free raise on Earth Trait rolls and Earth Spells

XP: 5 (22)


Isawa Ojo

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