Asahina Keitaro

Obsessed Crane Duelist


Asahina Keitaro is one of the contestants in the Topaz Championship this year. He has focused his entire life on one moment, perfecting the art of the deadly iaijutsu blow as only an Asahina artisan can. Keitaro is supremely confident that he will emerge victorious in the iaijutsu challenge of the contest. His arrogance is evident in his actions — he remains distant from the other contestants, and seems almost apologetic about there even having to be a contest. If he were ever asked why he is so obsessed about winning, he would merely respond that he must win to honor his sensei’s teachings. He will practice incessantly during travels, and any who observe can tell he is highly skilled in the art of the duel, if sorely lacking in more refined samurai skills.

Keitaro is one of the older contestants — he waited for mastery of his art before attmpting the Topaz Championship. He wears a slate grey kimono edged with Crane blue, embroidered only with the simplest of his Clan and Family mons. He allows his shoulder length raven-black hair to fall freely about his shoulders, and refuses to carry any weapon other than his katana and wakizashi. His eyes are extremely dark green, and are accentuated by his pale complexion. He moves in a very controlled manner at all times, as if every action is recalling a well-practiced kata. So much focus and coiled energy in an 18 year old is almost disturbing to those who spend time around him.

Asahina Keitaro

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